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Growing up in southern Delaware, there are certain food items that you’re introduced to at a relatively young age. It’s not to say you’re going to like all of them, but chances are good that many will become a way of life, whether you remain in the area or not.

The choices are familiar for sure – sweet corn in the summer, scrapple whenever you can get it, any kind of chicken. But today, we’re going to talk about another southern Delaware favorite – the almighty crab cake!

Particularly on the eastern half of Sussex County, it seems like every restaurant has its own version of this local delicacy. But just like no two snowflakes are alike, there are also no two crab cakes that are prepared and served exactly the same way.

So when we decided to

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There’s no overstating the importance of tourism to southern Delaware’s economy, both now and in the future. The industry provides countless jobs, keeps our taxes low and manageable and is the driving force behind coastal Delaware’s prominence as an important mid-Atlantic travel destination.

We love our summertime visitors and we welcome them every year to enjoy our beautiful beaches, our eclectic restaurant scene and everything else that makes the Delaware beaches such a great place to visit.

But now it’s September and that means many things. It’s the transition between summer and the holiday celebrations that are soon to come. It’s back to school time. It’s football season.

But it’s also a very special time for those of us who live and work

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