After You Move to Delaware, Keep your Spirit Moving!

After working to build an established predictable life of relative comfort and "retiring" from an accomplished career, how do you respond to the shock of the move to Delaware? Where do you fit into an unknown world of strange new people, places, and more relaxation and solitude than you could have dared hoped for? [Crickets Chirping]

As real estate professionals, our greatest personal rewards come from assisting clients as they make their way from many nearby metropolitan centers and re-establish their lives in our beautiful, tax friendly area. What we often find as people begin this emotional process of transplanting their lives, is a host of intense difficult to understand resistance as they prepare to retire in Delaware

Many times, buyers will meet their "perfect" home at a price that makes absolute sense and matches their criteria, only to find a host of irrational objections. Unearthing and acknowledging these fears can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially for those with routine lives.

What also happens, is that once someone has found a great home, the thrill and excitement of moving to Delaware dissipates. They become dizzy with identity panic. Everything is different. The pace is often much slower. Some relive the high school horror of trying to make "new friends." Sadly, some of these people never get comfortable in the "Lower Slower" Southern Delaware Culture. Some just move right back to where they were trying to get away from. This is a tragedy.

The baby boom generation has a fascinating profile of involvement in social responsibility and thoughtful questioning of government. For these revolutionaries, the word "retirement" is often miscast. Many hope to cross an imaginary finish line after years of drudgery battling to the end of a contracting job market while feeling all of the juice get squeezed out of their retirement as our country hurtled into the recent depression. My father tenaciously live out his coveted "year off after retirement" fantasy, which actually led him to feeling depressed and lonely. Once he finished with the joy of his holy grail of nothingness he found some new endeavors and is happier than ever. That is a warning to all of us. In the same way we are imploring the American youth to get moving, we need to do keep moving.

One of the dynamic features of our area is the fascinating people who are attracted to be here. The wonderful diversity of life styles, ideas, and experiences runs the gamut of art, science, finance, government, and literature. Sussex County is a retirement destination and retreat to many of the region's most interesting people. Not to mention, the amazing international flavor. Getting out of your comfort zone and reaching out to new friends can be uncomfortable, but the rewards of becoming a part of this beautiful social fabric is the stuff life is made of. As Alex Haws stated "Eating alone is an avertable tragedy." Resolve to stop being so serious, stop getting caught in traps of the conventional, and become a part of the conversation. We are listening. ~ The idea is a simple one. That people who Do things, can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things too.

This article was inspired By Alex Haws Do Lecture

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