Having a Solid Plan A is Great, But Smart Agents Currently Have Plans B and C in Their Back Pockets at All Times

What's the one mistake that even seasoned agents are making in the crazed real estate market we're now experiencing in the United States, and without a doubt here at the Delaware and Maryland beaches?

Well it all has to do with expectations (both real and implied) and how that relates to the current realities of the market. What we're now seeing is interested buyers scheduling appointments and just not showing up when the home they're interested in goes under contract.

So what can agents do in these situations? Well there are ways around this difficult dilemma and we're going to go over options in just a moment.

But first, let Oldfather Group Founder and CEO Dustin Oldfather tell you himself what he advises our agents do to prevent this occurrence from happening.

Watch the two-minute video below, then we'll hit on some of the highlights before concluding today's blog entry.

The main takeaway from today's video and blog is that it's perfectly acceptable to have so-called "great expectations." But you also need to have a backup plan, particularly in the frenetic type of market that we're experiencing right now.

We anticipate that inventories are going to continue to be low moving forward, at least in the short term. So every licensed agent is probably going to experience the scenario Dustin went through in the above video, if they haven't already.

Agents need to think ahead and not let a motivated buyer become an overly frustrated one. Go with Plan A and schedule a showing of the home they want to see, but also be sure to have Plan B and Plan C in your back pocket and ready to go.

Address these backup plans at the very beginning and don't be shy about discussing them with your client. Schedule appointments to see homes that are similar to the one they originally wanted to visit, prepare a strategy session to go over the best way of moving forward in this climate and basically just be proactive in your approach to dealing with this particular market and this particular client.

Give your client options and develop strategies for them to succeed in the current marketplace. Build a foundation of trust and transparency and your clients should respect you for that.

And don't let them get too frustrated or heartbroken when the deal they covet doesn't go their way. Be there for them and help them through it, with the ultimate goal of finding a great home for them at a great price!

And if you're an agent, or training to be one, contact us here at the Oldfather Group of Compass RE by calling 302-260-2000 or learn about the ways we help agents succeed at a much faster pace than our competitors by clicking here.

Have a great day here at the beaches or wherever you call home!


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