A Cautionary Tale About One Man's Bout With COVID-19: Dustin Oldfather's Personal and Near Fatal Experience

After a year of dealing with shutdowns, restrictions and other COVID-19 related rules and regulations, it's only natural that we all become a bit complacent. The weather is turning warmer and it's time to get outside and enjoy life again, right?

Well we're not quite there yet and we urge everyone to remain vigilant just a little bit longer. We're getting so close to the finish line and being able to return to our normal, pre-COVID lives.

Everyone needs to make their own decisions when it comes to vaccinations and how to best move forward over the next few weeks and months, of course, but we strongly encourage you to become vaccinated when it's your turn.

This has now become a personal matter for us, as we came real close to losing our founder and chief executive recently due to COVID and we don't want to see anyone go through the same things Dustin Oldfather did in February.

But we'll let him tell you about that experience in his own words via the extremely candid video below.

Dustin was lucky that no one else in his immediate family had the kind of severe bout with COVID-19 that he did, but his experience should serve as a cautionary tale to all of us.

This virus doesn't seem to affect any two people in the same exact way, which is part of what makes it so dangerous. Add in the more contagious variants that are becoming prevalent right now and it makes for an extremely serious situation here in the United States and around the world.

Vaccination efforts are ramping up in both Delaware and Maryland, with Pennsylvania admittedly falling a little bit behind. But when your number is called, please consider showing up and becoming vaccinated so we can inch closer to herd immunity numbers and eventually get back to normal here in the coastal region and beyond.

For a deeper insight into Delaware's vaccination program, click here to listen to a recent podcast interview Dustin did with Beebe Healthcare CEO Dr. David Tam.

Stay healthy and safe everyone! By working together, we can all help make the rest of 2021 much better than the previous year was.

Here's to what we hope will be a beautiful and enjoyable summer season at the Delaware and Maryland beaches!


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