Discovering Delaware History on the History Trail

Image Credit: is known for many historic attractions and the Delaware History Trail is designed to help you experience the First State's best historic landmarks. The trail provides the best locations, with the most historic significance to both the state and the nation.

Of course, the Delaware History Trail doesn't cover all the historic locations with the state. However, it does provide a good starting point for those new to the state. It all starts by downloading your passport from

Once you have your passport, you will be introduced to 36 main sites and 15 additional sites. The first 36 are known as the "Distinctive Dozen" and provide many of the most significant Delaware historic sites. The other 15 are known as the "Fabulous Fifteen" and should also be explored.

Some of the sites found on the Delaware History Trail include:

  • Auburn Heights Preserve - 3000 Creek Road, Yorklyn
  • Historic Odessa - 201 Main Street, Odessa
  • New Castle Historic District - 30 Market Street, New Castle
  • Fort Delaware State Park - 45 Clinton Street
  • Downtown Milford - 121 South Walnut Street, Milford
  • Smyrna Museum Complex - 11 South Main Street, Smyrna
  • John Dickinson Plantation - 340 Kitts Hummock Road, Dover
  • Camden Friends Meeting - 122 Camden-Wyoming Avenue, Camden
  • Old Christ Church - Chiman Pond Road, Laurel
  • Governor Ross Mansion and Plantation - 1101 North Pine Street Ext., Seaford
  • Nanticoke Indian Museum - 26673 John J. Williams Highway, Millsboro
  • De Vries Monument - Pillottown Road, Lewes

Many others are found on the list, as well. Whether you prefer museums or you enjoy other historic sites, you will find a good mix of both throughout your journey. The trail will take you through some of the most important parts of shaping Delaware into the state it is today.

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