Falcon Eye Geospatial Mapping will improve the Real Estate Consumer Experience

With the rapidly changing technologies in every it is easy to lose sight of how far they have already come. Today real estate consumers use their pc, a mobile device or tablet to connect to integrated real estate maps of property listings with images, virtual tours and a bevy of community and area information. Although these are amazing advances the next generation of applications are already being developed and real estate consumers are going to be thrilled.

Infusion, a New York based company with offices world wide, is continuing development of a Falcon Eye, a software application which is being built for the Microsoft Surface Laptop/Tablet hybrid. Windows Surface runs Windows RT Operating System which is designed for slower processors.

Falcon Eye is a unique presentation platform using geo spatial mapping technolgy which can show real estate developments, customized models and allows the user to zoom in and out on Geo Spatial maps to see buildings, roads and landscapes and take 3d virtual tours of the existing or virtual created properties. This software also allow the user to build 3d property models, connect to live video feeds to see traffic, police reports, weather, views and lifestyle.

The power of this developing platform will allow real estate consumers to become more informed than ever. It is easy to imagine this type of technology integrated into many different applications in the future. Soon everyone will be able to search and truly experience and evaluate real estate in any corner of the world from any internet interface. As R. Buckminster Fuller offered,"the future is here, its just not widely distributed yet."

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