From Blue Skies to Sandy Beaches, Lewes Realtor Promotes Luxury Living

Local Realtor Dominick Scott spends a good deal of his time these days promoting, showing and, hopefully at the end of the day, selling luxury homes at the Delaware beaches. 

But in reality, Scott’s been involved in the luxury home market for decades, even though he didn’t obtain his Delaware real estate license until just a few short months ago.

It’s just that the properties he used to showcase weren’t located at the beach, or even on solid ground for that matter.

Instead, the “luxury homes” Scott used to sell travelled all over the world, often soaring above the clouds on the way to exotic destinations like Italy, China, the United Arab Emirates and many more. And now he’s gone from selling luxury homes in the sky to selling luxury homes at the Delaware beaches.

A long-time procurement executive for PATS Aircraft Systems (now Aloft AeroArchitects), the Lewes resident’s role used to include purchasing and overseeing the installation of a wide range of high-end items for aircraft that typically cost in the tens of millions of dollars to outfit.

Clients ranged from Hollywood producers to successful businessmen to heads of state and even royal families.

He’s seen pretty much everything when it comes to the world of opulence. He admits never receiving an order for a fireplace or a hot tub in one of his custom built aircraft, but he has received plenty of wild and crazy requests over the years.

“Yeah, it’s not really a good idea to have an open flame in the middle of an airplane, but we did receive a lot of high-end requests from our clients,” admits Scott, now a Realtor with the Oldfather Group of Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty in Rehoboth Beach. “We often had requirements to install a half a million dollars worth of 24 karat gold plating, or a gourmet kitchen that cost $125,000 just to get certified by the regulatory authorities.”

The final selling price of aircraft worked on by Scott and his team cost in the tens of millions of dollars, with the highest award ever won coming it at a whopping $242 million for a foreign monarch.

Born in Pittsburgh and becoming a Delaware resident in 2003, Scott is married with three children and four grandchildren. He lives in “the First Town in the First State” and is moving into real estate as a second career, after decades in the manufacturing and aviation industries.

He obtained his Delaware real estate license in March and is quickly making the transition from selling luxury aircraft to selling luxury beach homes and more.

“The aviation industry was experiencing a downturn and I was actually growing weary of all the travel,” Scott admits. “And my wife and I have bought and sold 12 homes during our 42 years of marriage, so I thought this would be a good transition for me.

“Now that I’ve done it, I honestly wish I had made this decision 10 years ago.”

Scott now spends his days working with clients who are looking to either relocate to coastal Delaware, or move to another home within the region. But what he doesn’t do is work as a “salesman,” at least not by his definition of the word.

“I consider my role to be that of a real estate consultant, not a salesperson. Because what I’m trying to do is find clients the perfect piece of property that meets all of their requirements, and do it for the best possible price,” he says. “I’ve put some unusual things into airplanes in my day, but at no time was it ever my airplane. And I look at homes the same way; you need to show respect to the client and help them find what they want, not what you want.”

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