Girl Power Rules the Day at Lewes-Based Sussex Environmental Consultants

When Sue White and her all-girl team of blue collar environmental professionals show up for a job in their pink shirts and their can-do attitudes, it’s a bit like the southern Delaware, 21st century version of Rosie the Riveter.

Seventy-five years later, that is.

But just as the ladies of America filled jobs normally done by men during the Second World War, White and her team aren’t afraid to get down and dirty while performing their duties for the Lewes-based Sussex Environmental Consultants.

“I’ve really found that the girls are able to pick up on certain things in a home that men might not, like odors and just housekeeping issues that could lead to air quality problems,” says White, owner of the company for the last 20 years. “Having an all female staff wasn’t really planned, but it’s worked out well for us.”

Due to the company’s unique staff makeup, and their “girl power” persona, Sussex Environmental recently won a silver award for diversity and inclusion in the workplace from the Delaware chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors, a national trade association representing the non-union construction industry.

Sussex Environmental specializes in making or keeping homes healthy from the inside out. A southern Delaware fixture since 1998, their services include mold evaluations and protocols, water damage investigations, indoor environmental management, thermal imaging and more.

As always, we at the Oldfather Group encourage everyone in the coastal Delaware region to support our locally owned and operated businesses. This includes restaurants, retail stores and, in the case of Sussex Environmental, companies that provide much-needed services to our communities.

“The most common thing we do as a company is determining why someone has health issues, which is usually a result of common household dust or issues with their ductwork,” White reveals. “Dust could contain mold spores, bacteria, viruses or other things that might be making you and your family sick.

“So it’s our job to go in, figure out what the problem is, and then offer an appropriate course of action to the home or business owner.”

With two decades of experience in southern Delaware, and after witnessing Sue and her team in action personally, we here at the Oldfather Group encourage everyone in need of such services to give Sussex Environmental a call at 302-947-1810.

You can also reach the company online at or on Facebook at

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