Is Your Ego Keeping You From Achieving Great Things In Your Professional Life?

We're all living and conducting business in different ways since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, and becoming complacent in this digital environment is very easy to do.

But it's important to remember that everyone is dealing with the same kinds of issues right now, thus an extra amount of patience is often warranted and even required.

In other words, it's a good idea to check your ego at the door! Or in this case, at the computer screen.

Take a deep breath and collect yourself before becoming agitated and saying or doing things that you might regret later. We know and understand that your time is important to you, but so many people are dealing with so many issues right now that you just never know what's happening on the other side of that Zoom call.

Oldfather Group Founder and CEO Dustin Oldfather discusses a meeting he had recently that easily could have gone off the rails. But once the particulars were acknowledged and everyone relaxed a little, things turned positive and it actually became a productive and worthwhile session.

Dustin tells that story in the short video below. Check it out and then we'll have more to say on this topic below.

Right now, we're all doing much more digitally than we normally would. Even more than many of us care to do.

Because of this, a lot of social graces and norms have been falling by the wayside. But we can't let this happen for the long term; we must remember the current climate and work to overcome obstacles, both real and imagined, that are keeping us from leading productive lives.

It does you absolutely ZERO good to get upset about the little things. If someone is a few minutes late for a meeting, as Dustin described in the video above, just roll with it and understand the issues people are dealing with in the current climate.

With Zoom and other digital meeting software alone, there are so many people using this technology in 2021 who never did before the pandemic required them to. We hear stories all the time of Zoom meetings gone bad and I'm sure we'll hear many more in the future.

It's just a different world than it was a year ago, but we're all hoping for a return to normalcy within the next few months. Until that time comes, just take a deep breath and don't make a scene when things don't go your way.

Emotional intelligence is an important trait to have right now, and don't you want to be known as the kind of person who others love to be around? Those are the people that the leaders in our industry, and really any industry, want to work with and grow their businesses with.

It's a digital world these days, but don't forget the social graces that can help you to ultimately become successful. Keeping your ego in check can open doors, but failure to do so could close them in a hurry.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


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