Murphy's Law And How You Can Better Deal With Unforeseen Problems In Your Daily Life

For generations, millions of little boys and girls have been taught by their Scout leaders that "being prepared" is a vitally important trait to have in life. 

But even after you're grown up and the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts are a distant memory, these are still words to take to heart in future personal and professional endeavors.

Things are going to happen, it's inevitable. Rarely does life go 100 percent according to plan and as a responsible adult at home, as well as a hard worker in the office, you need to be prepared to meet challenges head on.

In other words, it's always a good idea to have a Plan B. Or even plans C and D are sometimes required. Trust us when we say that it's much better to have these plans in place and not need them than it is to need them and not have them.

So the next time the hot water suddenly stops working at home or your computer dies in the middle of an important business meeting, or any of a million other possible scenarios, having a contingency plan in place can prove invaluable.

This is something that's been on Oldfather Group CEO Dustin Oldfather's mind quite a bit lately as he deals with computer gremlins that are having a little fun with the inner workings of his favorite laptop.

Watch the short video below to see how he's handling the situation and as he gives a few tips on being prepared for certain scenarios.

Dustin likes to use the phrase "two is one and one is none" to make his point about how important it is to be prepared for different scenarios as you go about your daily routine.

While this phrase is more common in the military, it can definitely be applied to our lives as well and to the struggles and challenges we face on a daily basis. These life hurdles aren't going to change, but how we prepare and then meet these challenges can certainly make them a lot easier to deal with.

Having backup plans in place, and properly utilizing them, will allow your clients to reach you when they really need to. So if your computer's beginning to act a little funny, or you anticipating being hard to reach for one reason or another, or anything else that could present your clients with obstacles they really shouldn't have to face, it's time to address these issues head on before they morph into much larger problems.

Murphy's Law is going to creep into your daily routine from time to time, it's just a fact of life. You can't stop bad things from happening 100 percent of the time, but what you can change is your attitude and your level of preparedness for when they do.

Make it a part of your daily life like Dustin did. If you're prepared and ready when things don't go according to plan, you may find you're working with a much lower stress level and may even enjoy life a little more.

And that's a gift that keeps on giving!


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