One of the Best Lobster Rolls Near Rehoboth Beach Can Be Found 'On The Rocks' in Lewes

"Sittin in the morning' sun, I'll be sittin' when the evening comes. Watching the ships roll in, then I watch 'em roll away again."

It's hard not to conjure up images of this Otis Redding classic when sitting on the outside patio at "Grain on the Rocks," nestled at the picturesque Lewes Ferry Terminal in the "First Town in the First State."

But you definitely won't be "wasting time," as the old ditty continues, while enjoying one of the classic lobster rolls and tantalizing cocktails at this locals favorite.

Grain on the Rocks Outside Sign

Located at the ferry terminal and just north and west of beautiful Cape Henlopen State Park, "Grain on the Rocks" is one of those spots that should be on everyone's "must visit" list every warm weather season in the coastal region.

Not that the food isn't great year-round, but there's nothing quite like sitting outside on the dock and watching the ferries roll in and out while enjoying some of the best food in the coastal region.

Grain on the Rocks Lewes Outside

For some of the best seafood near Rehoboth Beach, this Lewes hot spot definitely doesn't disappoint.

In addition to the lobster rolls that "Grain" is known for, other seafood options include crab cakes, crab fries, crab nachos (noticing a trend here?), a salmon BLT, fish and chips, seared tuna, mahi mahi, surf tacos and more.

Grain on the Rocks Lobster Roll

If seafood isn't your thing, or if you're just not in the mood, "Grain on the Rocks" also has a nice selection of sandwiches and burgers, including a delicious French Dip sandwich (pictured below), a tasty chicken cheesesteak and burger selections that include a PJ, or "Plain Jim" burger, and an OMG burger that's fit for a king.

Grain on the Rocks French Dip Sandwich

Now before we get to the impressive cocktail menu, we need to give a quick shout out to the side dishes at "Grain," particularly the sweet potato fries and the tater tots.

I mean, who didn't like tater tots as a kid, right? Well chances are, you're gonna like them as an adult too, so dig in!

Grain on the Rocks Tater Tots

Now that you have your food, you're going to need something to pair it with. And while you can't go wrong with the wines and spirits available at the bar, may we recommend some of the best cocktails near Rehoboth Beach?

Highlighting this portion of the menu, in our opinion, is the tasty frozen cocktail that's been a mainstay in nearby Ocean City, Maryland for decades - and that's the treat that can't be beat known as the "Bad Monkey (pictured below)."

Boasting kahlua, amaretto, banana liqueur and an actual banana, this frozen cocktail is a real treat to the taste buds and will keep you coming back for more.

With four other frozen cocktails on the menu, as well as regular varieties that include a raspberry mojito, a guava margarita, a rooftop lemonade, a "hurrigrain" and several others, having a cocktail near the water at "Grain" is a perfect way to spend a spring or summer evening.

Grain on the Rocks Bad Monkey Cocktails

"Grain on the Rocks" is located on the banks of the Delaware Bay in Lewes, at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal.

You can visit "Grain" by driving to the ferry terminal or, if you choose, you can visit by boat and dock for free.

Grain on the Rocks Water View

When the weather is nice, try sitting outside under the warm sun and enjoying some of the best food near Rehoboth Beach. You can even bring the family dog with you, as "Grain" does welcome trained pooches in its outdoor eating area.

But there's also plenty of comfortable seating inside as well. Pick your spot and enjoy some of the best seafood near Rehoboth Beach.

And don't forget about the cocktails!

Grain on the Rocks Lewes Inside

Visit or call 302-291-3900 for more information on the restaurant's Lewes location or its other locations in Newark and in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

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