Why Does Doing Great Things Get Negative Attention From Competitors?

Have you ever noticed there's a certain group of people who are always, let's just say, less than enthusiastic about the success of others?

There are a number of reasons for this and we're not going to delve into the negative aspects of this dynamic here today. We're all about being positive at the Oldfather Group and we're determined to take the high road in these types of situations.

But we do hold the belief that competition is almost always a good thing. Your success, however, can often be viewed less that favorably by others and that's when you might see negative, unintended consequences to your success.

So what do you do in these cases? Well you do whatever's necessary to protect yourself, your employees and your company, but you can also view this type of situation as an opportunity.

Click on the video below to hear Oldfather Group Founder and CEO Dustin Oldfather's views on today's topic. Then keep reading as we go into a little more detail.

When we feel like we're under attack, we of course need to take precautions to make sure that we're protected. But feeding these attacks and giving them a longer shelf life is just making the problem worse.

When this type of thing happens, just accept it, welcome it and reframe it as best you can. 

As Dustin says in the video, when you challenge the status quo, the status quo is going to fight back. But welcome the competition and use these types of negative attacks to become even better at what you do.

Attacks come with the territory when you're successful, but they don't need to bring you down.

Turn that negative into a positive and keep doing what you do, for the betterment of yourself, for the betterment of your employees and co-workers and for the overall betterment of your business.

It will help keep your stress levels in check and just allow you to have a better day in general.

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Thanks for listening!

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