Top 10 Places to Retire in Newark, Delaware


Welcome to Newark, Delaware, a vibrant city known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and thriving community. As you consider the question, "Is Newark, Delaware a good place to retire?" join us on a journey through the city's best neighborhoods and retirement communities.

From picturesque parks to lively downtown areas, Newark offers retirees a diverse range of options for a fulfilling and comfortable retirement. Let's explore the top places that make Newark a standout destination for those seeking an enriching retirement experience.


Pike Creek

Pike Creek, situated on the western edge of Newark, welcomes retirees with a blend of suburban tranquility and convenience. This family-friendly neighborhood offers tree-lined streets, well-maintained parks, and easy access to shopping centers like Pike Creek Shopping Center. Retirees in Pike Creek can enjoy outdoor activities at Middle Run Valley Natural Area or explore the historic sites in nearby Old New Castle. The community provides a relaxed atmosphere with various amenities, making Pike Creek an appealing option for those seeking a peaceful retirement close to nature.


Fairfield Crest

Fairfield Crest, located northeast of Newark, offers retirees a well-established community with a range of housing options. This 55+ neighborhood features single-family homes and townhouses, providing residents with a sense of community and security. The neighborhood is conveniently located near the Christiana Mall, offering shopping and dining opportunities. Retirees can also explore nearby parks like White Clay Creek State Park for outdoor recreation. With its friendly atmosphere and accessible amenities, Fairfield Crest provides a comfortable and sociable environment for those considering retirement in Newark.


Wellington West

Wellington West, nestled southwest of Newark, is a desirable neighborhood known for its picturesque homes and community spirit. Retirees in Wellington West can enjoy the serene ambiance and take advantage of the nearby Newark Country Club for golf enthusiasts. The neighborhood is in close proximity to the University of Delaware, offering opportunities for lifelong learning and cultural events. With its well-maintained parks and a mix of recreational options, Wellington West provides retirees with a blend of leisure and cultural engagement.


College Square

College Square, located in the heart of Newark, is a dynamic neighborhood with a mix of residential and commercial spaces. Retirees in College Square can explore the vibrant downtown area with its diverse dining options, boutiques, and cultural venues. The neighborhood is adjacent to the University of Delaware campus, providing access to educational and entertainment opportunities. With its lively atmosphere and convenient amenities, College Square offers retirees an urban living experience with diverse opportunities for social engagement.


Drummond Hill

Drummond Hill, situated southeast of Newark, is a charming neighborhood known for its historic architecture and community events. Retirees in Drummond Hill can stroll along tree-lined streets and explore the nearby Newark Reservoir Park for outdoor activities. The neighborhood is within reach of the Newark Arts Alliance, contributing to a vibrant cultural scene. With its historical charm and a mix of community gatherings, Drummond Hill provides retirees with a unique and inviting retirement experience.


Park Place

Park Place, centrally located in Newark, Delaware, offers retirees a comfortable and well-maintained community. The neighborhood features single-family homes and townhouses with easy access to parks like Glasgow Park for recreational activities. Retirees in Park Place can enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping centers and explore the local dining scene. The community fosters a sense of belonging with social events and gatherings. With its proximity to healthcare facilities and everyday conveniences, Park Place provides retirees with a practical and welcoming option for retirement in Newark.



Meadowood, situated in the northern part of Newark, is a peaceful residential area known for its green spaces and family-friendly atmosphere. Retirees in Meadowood can enjoy the tranquility of nearby Iron Hill Park and explore the scenic trails. The neighborhood offers a mix of housing options, including single-family homes and townhouses. Meadowood is close to the Christiana Hospital and shopping centers, ensuring convenient access to healthcare and amenities. With its focus on a serene lifestyle and accessibility, Meadowood stands as an appealing choice for retirees in Newark.


Arbour Park

Arbour Park, located to the south of Newark, Delaware, is a welcoming neighborhood with a mix of housing styles and a sense of community. Retirees in Arbour Park can take advantage of the nearby Glasgow Park for outdoor activities and explore the local shops and restaurants. The neighborhood provides retirees with a relaxed ambiance and convenient access to the Glasgow Medical Center. With its diverse housing options and community-oriented atmosphere, Arbour Park offers retirees a comfortable and inviting setting for their retirement years.


Windy Hills

Windy Hills, situated in the western part of Newark, is known for its family-friendly environment and access to outdoor spaces. Retirees in Windy Hills can enjoy the nearby White Clay Creek State Park for hiking and nature walks. The neighborhood features a mix of housing options, including spacious single-family homes. Windy Hills is within reach of the Newark Natural Foods Co-op and the Newark Farmers Market, providing residents with access to fresh and local produce. With its emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and community engagement, Windy Hills offers retirees a peaceful and active retirement setting.


Heritage Park

Heritage Park, located in the eastern part of Newark, Delaware, is a well-established neighborhood with a mix of housing options and a friendly atmosphere. Retirees in Heritage Park can explore the nearby Iron Hill Park for outdoor activities and enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping centers. The neighborhood provides retirees with a sense of community through organized events and gatherings. With its accessibility to healthcare facilities and recreational spaces, Heritage Park offers retirees a balanced and welcoming environment for their retirement journey in Newark.


In conclusion, Newark, Delaware, emerges as an excellent choice for retirees seeking a diverse array of neighborhoods and retirement communities. From the suburban tranquility of Pike Creek to the vibrant urban scene in College Square, each area offers a unique retirement experience.

With a mix of cultural attractions, outdoor spaces, and a strong sense of community, Newark provides retirees with an enriching and fulfilling retirement. Explore these top places to retire in Newark and discover why this city stands out as an ideal destination for your next chapter.


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