Where are the Top State Parks Throughout Delaware?

Trap Pond State Park - Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/leecannon/6854180481/Delaware is full of great parks, but not all of them are state parks. The best parks throughout the state provide more because they are larger. Here are the best state parks throughout Delaware.

Abbott's Mill Nature Center - Milford

This state park is full of fun. The trails and nature center provide plenty of opportunity for enjoying the natural areas. You can also enjoy Abbott's Pond and the many natural picnic areas throughout. Of course, the mill is one of the top reasons people come to the Abbott's Mill Nature Center.

Cape Henlopen State Park - Lewes

Cape Henlopen State Park provides a number of activities for everybody to enjoy. Whether you want to play Disc Golf, hike, fish, kayak, hunt, surf, bike or even ride a horse, you can do it at this park in Lewes. The trails provide plenty of natural fun. Visitors can also enjoy Fort Miles and The Biden Center.

DuPont Nature Center - Milford

Finding some of the best views in the state is easy at the DuPont Nature Center. This is one of the top state parks for horseshoe crabs and shorebirds. You will find all types of nature here and enjoy great natural views.

Killen’s Pond State Park - Felton

Enjoy plenty of nature and recreation at the Killen’s Pond State Park. This is also home to a summer concert series and provides plenty of boating activities. Many of the best summer camps use this park, as well.

Trap Pond State Park - Laurel

The freshwater wetlands make Trap Pond State Park very unique. You can enjoy all types of activities here and it's one of the best places for fishing and boating.

The above parks are a few of the most popular state parks found in Delaware. Whether you want to enjoy fishing and boating or just a relaxing walk through the trails, there's a park near you perfect for all kinds of fun.

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