Why Live in Delaware?

Why choose to live in Delaware, you might ask yourself. For many great reasons! Here are just a few of our favorites:

There are significant tax advantages! Beyond the fact that there is NO state sales tax, NO state tax on Social Security income, and NO personal property taxes, there are a wealth of tax credits and exclusions to be found here in Delaware. These include:

  • PENSION EXLUSIONS. For each person 60 and over, up to $12,500 of pension and eligible retirement income are exempt from Delaware income taxes.
  • SCHOOL TAX CREDIT. Each qualified homeowner 65 and older receives a Senior Citizen Property School Tax Credit of up to $500.

Delaware also boasts one of the lowest property tax burdens in the entire nation - the average Sussex County property tax bill for a single family home is $106 annually. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine even chose Delaware as one of the 10 most tax-friendly states for retirees!

Delaware offers both a great location AND stunning natural resources!

  • Delaware (specifically Rehoboth Beach) is located within a 3-hour drive of three major cities: Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. Add another hour and you can be in New York City!
  • There are incredible beaches, state parks, biking/hiking trails, golf courses, and more to be found here!
  • Three separate publications (Delaware TodayCoastal Living, and Southern Living) and CBSMoneyWatch.com have listed Lewes, Delaware as a best place to live or visit ... and National Geographic's travel website designated Rehoboth Beach's boardwalk as the 6th best in the entire nation!
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council awarded Rehoboth and Dewey Beach the "Superstar Beach" status, an honor given to only 4 beaches, meaning that both beaches received their highest 5-star rating, and had perfect water testing results. So our beaches are not only beautiful and seemingly endless, but they are safe as well!

And more... Isn't it time for you to come to Delaware to see for yourself what an amazing place it is to live?

Please Note:

All information provided is subject to change without notification. Also, you need to consult with a lawyer or tax advisor regarding your eligibility for any Delaware tax or other benefits.

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