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Realtor Dustin Oldfather served in the U.S. Navy. His dad and grandpa also served in the military, so he knows what it's like to have to relocate for deployments.

As a military veteran, Dustin Oldfather holds a deep and personal connection with military families. Our Delaware military real estate agents near Dover Air Force Base are here to help you relocate to the Dover, DE area. Start by browsing houses for sale near Dover AFB. If you’re looking for a military-friendly real estate agent near Dover Air Force Base, our team is positioned nearby to help you buy a home off-base. If you’ve received orders and are PCS’ing away from Dover, our team of military realtors can help when time is short and tensions are high due to a fast, complicated moving schedule.

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Dover AFB is a major airlift and logistics hub for the United States Air Force. It is also home to the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Center, which is responsible for the return of fallen service members to their families. While the nature of military service is somewhat transient - military bases with more permanent and highly-skilled job opportunities may attract service members who are stationed more long-term. A long term posting is more conducive to purchasing a home in that area.

How A Military-Friendly Real Estate Agent Can Help Near Dover AFB

Dover Air Force Base Realtors - Dover AFB Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent who specializes in military relocation and active duty clients can provide a number of unique tasks and perspectives, including:

  • Understanding the unique needs of military families. Military families face a number of unique challenges when relocating, including frequent moves, short timelines, and financial constraints. A military relocation real estate agent understands these challenges and can help families navigate the process as smoothly as possible.
  • Access to military-specific resources. Military relocation real estate agents often have access to military-specific resources, such as relocation assistance programs, military housing allowances, and preferred mortgage lenders. This can help families save time and money on their move.
  • Expertise in military housing markets. Military relocation realtors have expertise in the housing markets near military bases. They can help families find homes that meet their needs and budget, and they can also advise them on the pros and cons of living in different areas.
  • Guidance on VA loans and other military benefits. Military relocation realtors can help families understand and take advantage of VA loans and other military benefits. This can make it easier for families to afford a home and get the financing they need.
  • Support throughout the relocation process. Military relocation real estate agents can provide support to families throughout the relocation process, from finding a home to closing on the sale. They can also help families with tasks such as finding schools, childcare, and employment.
  • In addition to these specific tasks, they also bring a unique perspective to the home buying and selling process. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities that military families face, and they are committed to helping families achieve their homeownership goals.

Our Delaware AFB real estate team has veteran realtors, including Dustin Oldfather.

Here are some specific examples of how a Dover, Delaware military relocation real estate agent can help:

  • Help families find a home that is close to their new duty station. This is important because it can help reduce commuting time and make it easier for families to access military services and resources.
  • Help families find a home that is in a good school district. This is important for families with children, as it can ensure that their children receive a quality education.
  • Help families find a home that is affordable. Military families often have limited budgets, so it is important to find a home that fits their budget and needs.
  • Help families sell their home quickly and for a good price. This is important because military families often need to sell their home quickly when they receive a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order.

If you've checked Dover AFB homes for sale (which shows homes within 20 minutes of base) and haven't found what you're looking for, of course you can contact us. You can also check out these homes for sale in Dover, Delaware, which isn't limited to a specific commute time. There's also these central Delaware homes for sale and these Kent County, Delaware homes for sale.

Are Military Members Likely To Purchase A Home While Stationed In Delaware?

Military Realtor Near Me in Delaware

Buying a home is a big decision. Income and longevity in an area can certainly come into play when a member of our military PCSing to Dover Air Force Base. There are a number of factors that impact a service member’s decision to buy a home, including the length of their assignment, their family situation, and their financial resources. However, there are a few things to consider:

  • Dover AFB is a large base with a wide variety of job assignments. This means that military members stationed at Dover AFB may be more likely to stay for longer periods of time, making it more worthwhile to purchase a home.
  • Delaware is a relatively affordable state to live in, compared to other parts of the country. This can make it easier for military members to qualify for a mortgage and afford to purchase a home. They may also decide that they’ll retire in Delaware after their commitment is up - so buying a home now could be a long-term investment.
  • The military offers a number of benefits to homeownership, such as the VA home loan program. This program can make it easier for military members to qualify for a mortgage and get a lower interest rate.
  • According to a 2017 study done by the Urban Institute Housing Finance Policy Center, 42% of active-duty service members surveyed owned a home. This was 20%+ less than the national average homeownership rate of 64%, but it is important to note that military members are more likely to be young and unmarried, which are two factors that are correlated with lower homeownership rates.
  • Forbes report from 2023 showed that 70%+ of active duty military members surveyed lived in base housing or rented a home. 

Overall, military members who are stationed at Dover AFB for longer periods of time and have the financial resources are more likely to purchase a home while stationed there. However, there are a number of factors that each individual will need to consider when making the decision of whether to purchase a home while in the military.

Need Help With A Military Relocation To or From Delaware? Contact The Oldfather Group Today!

Military members who are stationed at Dover AFB for longer periods of time and have the financial resources are more likely to purchase a home while stationed there. Our military relocation real estate agents in Delaware can provide a number of unique tasks and perspectives, including understanding the unique needs of military families, access to military-specific resources, expertise in military housing markets, guidance on VA loans and other military benefits, and support throughout the relocation process. We can also help families find a home that is close to their new duty station, in a good school district, and affordable, and sell their home quickly and for a good price. Our team at The Oldfather Group is so appreciative of all our serving military members and their work to defend our country. We're committed to helping you buy or sell your home in Delaware when life brings you here, or sends you to a new duty station. Contact us today!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Jennifer Elphick is THE agent! If you're moving to DE or PCSing to Dover AFB, contact her. Moving is hard enough. Moving with the military, a special kind of difficult. Moving while owning one home and buying another from across the country, hard and difficult amplified. I knew she was "the one" from the moment we first talked. She's so down to earth, funny, and just a good human. She goes above and beyond for her clients. You have questions? She's got answers, no matter how specific or nit-picky. When we settled on a house, I really got to see her in action. Everything scheduled, coordinated, and signed like clockwork. We've had a great experience and would work with her again and again!" -Aly Wood

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