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Rehoboth Avenue

rehoboth-avenueRehoboth Avenue is the main thoroughfare in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, running east from the exit off of busy Route 1 all the way to the resort’s famous mile-long Boardwalk.

Many of Rehoboth’s most popular businesses, restaurants and bars are located along this popular roadway, which is affectionately referred to by locals simply as “The Avenue.”

Rehoboth Avenue also has a deep history, dating back to the resort’s founding as a camp for the Methodist Church. Founders of the town wanted as many people as possible to have a view of the sea, thus the reason why Rehoboth Avenue gets wider the closer you get to the beach.

The Rehoboth-Dewey Area Chamber of Commerce, the Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Department and the Rehoboth Beach Museum are also included along Rehoboth

Avenue, as well as a replica of the famed Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, which sits in the middle of a traffic circle just a short distance before reaching the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk.

This can be a very popular roadway during the summer months, when the resort’s parking meters are in effect. But before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, parking is free along Rehoboth Avenue.