Why Delaware?

There are 50 United States, each one with its own set of pros and cons. Some are big, some are small,
some have hotter summers, some have colder winters, some are costly, some are rather inexpensive –
you get the idea!

In the mid-Atlantic states alone, you have several states that feature all sorts of different things to all
sorts of different people. From the hustle and bustle of New York to the nation’s capital of Washington,
D.C., and lots in between, it’s an area of the country where the largest population centers are located
and where an abundance of choices are prevalent.

And then there’s Delaware, that tiny little state jutting off of the mainland United States that’s just kind
of hanging there on the map. It’s a state many outside of the area struggle to locate, but one that
epitomizes the old saying that “good things come in small packages.”

Delaware has become a popular place for both relocating and for purchasing second homes and
investment properties since the late 1980s. But what is it about this state that makes it so appealing and,
more importantly, why should you consider moving to the country’s second smallest state?

We’re obviously a little biased after having a presence in this beautiful area of the country for nearly 20
years now. But while we openly admit that bias, we also have many facts at our disposal to back up
those feelings.

We think you’ll feel the same once you’ve fully absorbed our most popular answers to the question
“Why purchase real estate in Delaware?”

By the time you’ve taken it all in, the question could very well become “Why Not Delaware?”

Take a look with us…

The Taxes

We’re going to begin with the advantage to living in Delaware that the majority of people talk about,
and that’s the low tax burden that Delawareans enjoy.

There’s a lot to unpack regarding Delaware real estate and the tax benefits of living in the First State. Still, the one
that immediately comes to most people’s minds is that Delaware is one of only five states in the
country that charges no sales tax on purchases. It’s also the only state in the mid-Atlantic that can make
this claim...

The Beaches

If the low taxes are the number one reason for people relocating to Delaware, then the beaches are
definitely reason 1A. In every poll conducted by tourism and real estate representatives, these two
items always finish first and second, and by a lot!

Southern Delaware features 26 miles of Atlantic coastline and this doesn’t even take into account the
miles of shoreline along the Delaware Bay, as well as on the inland bays of Rehoboth Bay and Indian
River Bay...

The People

Delaware is a very small state, the second smallest in the nation, but it’s easy to talk about several areas
all rolled into one when discussing the former lower counties of Pennsylvania.

Ask anyone from Delaware about their home state and they’ll inevitably point out the differences
between the northern areas of the state (Wilmington, Newark, etc.) and the southern areas which are
dominated by farmland to the west and beach resorts to the east... Read more >>

Natural Beauty/Scenery

If you want to get a feel for the natural beauty that exists in the nation’s second smallest state, may we make a suggestion? Get in the car and drive across the Indian River Inlet Bridge and take a look both to the east and the west when doing so.

It’s perhaps the most scenic drive in the state, with the mighty Atlantic to the east and the scenic Indian River Bay to the west. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment!.. Read more >>

Small Town Charm

Outside of the cities of Wilmington and Newark, Delaware is largely made up of small and medium sized towns and communities that give the area a casual feel that you won’t find in many other nearby states.

Particularly south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, which traditionally separates the northern
more urban areas of Delaware and the southern more rural areas, small towns and open spaces abound... Read more >>

Lots of History

With a history dating back to the first half of the 17 th century, there’s certainly no shortage of historical sites, monuments and old buildings to see and explore throughout Delaware.

We’ll admit up front that it’s impossible to hit on them all here today. But if learning about local history and imagining how our forefathers lived decades and even centuries ago interests you, then Delaware is a place that is definitely going to fulfill those desires for you... Read more >>

Outdoor Recreation

The State of Delaware has invested a lot of money in recent years towards advancing outdoor recreational opportunities state-wide, leading to the First State now being one of the top states in the country for bicycling.

The spring and summer months are ideal for getting outside with family and friends, particularly in the southern reaches of the state where you’ll find 26 miles of Atlantic coastline and lots of water-based activities like kayaking, boating, fishing, crabbing, swimming and even a little surfing here and there... Read more >>

Shopping and Entertainment

Delaware has become one of the more popular shopping destinations in the mid-Atlantic because of the ability to “shop until you drop” without having to pay a penny of sales tax to state government. From the beautiful beaches in the south all the way north to Delaware’s largest city of Wilmington, shopping options are ample and tax free.

As for entertainment options, you’ve got a whole lot of choices there as well. Ranging from local theaters and magic halls in the south, to a bevy of choices in the city and one of NASCAR’s most famed tracks in between, there’s always plenty to see and do in the First State... Read more >>

Retiree Growth

Particularly in the southern reaches of Delaware, which is the fastest growing portion of the state, the increase in population is largely fueled by those in the 55 and over demographic. Retirees love moving to Delaware for many of the reasons we’ve mentioned above, particularly the lower tax burdens and the ability to make their money last longer in their twilight years.

Delaware has been referred to as the “Florida of the North” in recent years and this is particularly true in the southern reaches of the state, where the beaches and the small town feel also add to the allure of the area... Read more >>

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